Hey Queer Kids let's make a festival! Luscious is coming this August and Marga Gomez is hosting it with Grammy nominee MARY LAMBERT, Mx Justin Vivian Bond, Cris Williamson and more at LUSCIOUS Queer Music Festival August 22­-24, 2014 at the beautiful Saratoga Springs Retreat Center, two and half hours north of San Francisco. Info and tickets at
LUSCIOUS poster teeny weenyMore fabulous artists appearing include Jon Ginoli of Pansy Division; Skip the Needle featuring Vicki Randle; Magic Mouth; Gina Breedlove; Brian Kent; Melanie DeMore; Matt Alber, Sampson McCormick and Holcombe Waller. DJ’s include San Francisco’s Page Hodel, DJ Justime, DJ Lamont, DJ Dr. Sleep and many more. A portion of the proceeds from this festival will go to the Organization for Refugee, Asylum and Migration (ORAM), Jewish Family and Children Services (JFCS) /East Bay's LGBTI Refugee and Asylee Program and Guardian Group of the First Unitarian Universalist society of San Francisco — organizations dedicated to providing legal and other assistance to members of the international LGBTQ community seeking asylum.

5 shows July 12th through July 19th


small SCFRINGE website




6 shows only! CLICK for Tickets

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GLAAD award winning solo performer Marga Gomez will return to downtown’s legendary La MaMa Theatre with LOVEBIRDS, June 6th through June 15 2014, six shows only. In LOVEBIRDS Gomez portrays New York’s gay and straight romantically challenged: a hallucinating photographer, an old school butch, a sleepy professor, a wife thief and his daughter following their hearts through decades. The San Francisco Chronicle called LOVEBIRDS “a satiric feast of hilariously etched characters in an intricate web of love, longing and life"

LOVEBIRDS running time is 70 minutes. Tickets and info are available at or by calling the box office at 212.475.7710


LOVEBIRDS reached it's original goal TONIGHT in less than a week! YOU did that!!! But LOVEBIRD'S INDIEGOGO fundraising campaign goes till Jan 25th 2014 and lots of great PERKS remain to be grabbed. Let's take it HIGHER!!

Honestly I didn't ask for all the budget when I started this campaign but LOVEBIRDS will surely cost over $4000 and that is just me paying others and paying for set and promo. It would be great not to use my credt cards to fund the show.

Thank you all from my heart. This has been a great lesson for me - if you couldn't donate don't trip and if you might donate in the next 16 days know that it will be used to make LOVEBIRDS the best it can be.

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Ladies, Gentlemen and Lovebirds,
Here is the official SHOUT OUT to the 
FIRST 38 Funders of our Indiegogo LOVEBIRDS campaign 
in the order of who was fastest. My campaign ends on Jan 25, 2014.

To support my tenth solo show and get some swag CLICK HERE

THANK YOU!!!!!! 

Kenny Mellman (You were there first. So you win a second perk!)
Patti Meyer -- Dona Mcadams (can't wait to give you that perk)
Kim Diaz ----- Earl Dax --
Tina D'Elia --- Beth B --
Jenoa Harlow --- Jackie Marchand --
Allison Goldberg --- Erica Springer --
Mynah Films --- Abbe Tiger --
Betty Pazmino ---- IndigMonkey --
Anita Drieseberg --- Monica Falcone --
Allen Lowe --- Pedro DiPietro --
Morgan Just Morgan -- Gina Pera --
Tosha Silver --- Ronald Balassanian --
Marine Boudeau --- Bob Mcyntire --
Katie Bush ---- Suzanne Jennings --
Margaret Schultz --- Ellen and Robyn --
Enzo Lombard --- Melissa Howden --
Kathleen Warnock -- Steve Savage --

There were a couple anonymous donors. If I missed you please let me know. All of you have lifted this project HALF WAY to it's goal of $3500 by January 25th. Your SHOUT OUT will be posted on and and IN MY HEART. Perks will be coming end of January and early February. 
Lovebirds always,


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