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do you have any ikea furniture? if yes, what? if no, why?

Why do you scandinavian people keep questioning. Yaa Yaa. I have two black chairs that look like bentwoods but made from that compressed plastic wood from Denmark. A bitch to assemble. And a little red table. Had a dresser from them once. It was shite.

do you believe in marriage?

One of the greatest gifts is to have trust and comfort with someone else.If it lasts a lifetime or a year it's to be celebrated. But I'm skeptical of marriage as an institution and would like to see it outlawed for everyone. As far as tax breaks and sharing property, people should draw up business partnerships for that.

what was your very first job?

I worked for a butcher. Now I'm butcher.

do you wear socks with all your shoes?

I've started to go sockless in the warm weather but what you really want to know is do I sleep with socks on. Right?

do you like babies?

They can be fun. But I hate when I hear one of them squealing in my audience. That's some ignorant parenting.

do you ever gamble?

My girlfriend and I bet on the Oscars. I won. I would like to learn poker someday.

if you had a penis, what is the first thing you would do?

I would have the penis removed before I started thinking with it. I would then sell it to an organ harvester and spend the money on my vagina.

i miss your blogs. do you plan on blogging soon? oh, and your old v-logs on youtube with your manager are the BEST.

I'm waiting to get my website (margagomezdotcom) redesigned and all my blogs will be uploaded to it. I had no way of tracking who was visiting my blog and wordpress had no subscription option. Everything should happen by April 1st and I'll start writing again - just not sure if it will be from my website or the wordpress site. The youtube vlogs I apologize for slacking off. I fired the manager but then I took her back but she won't let me film her unless she's all made up. It's hard to get good help.

are you enjoying reading and/or answering these questions?

Yes. I did not expect to get any questions and I think I've gotten about 20 today. Most of you are remaining anonymous which is fine. But I do wonder who is writing. Some people give themselves away. All in all pretty good questions. Even the simple ones make me discover and remember stuff I hadn't thought about. So thanks all of you for taking the time to do it.

what is your all time favorite pair of shoes?

who is your favorite clothing designer?

I don't pay that much attention to fashion. But I own lots of clothes from Ben Sherman.

do you cook? what do you cook?

I used to work as a short order cook in a hippie restaurant. The last exciting thing I made was baked stuffed zitis. I do a lot of Stir fried vegies. Home made soups. Omeletes. I'm very good with my seasoning and presentation. But I don't do anything too fancy.

what's your favorite food?

Good NY pizza like Rosario's or Artichoke or in San Francisco I'll take Pauline's.

Why is my ex such a douche bag?

Sexually frustrated.

What kind of student where you as a kid?

My first 5 years were in a very strict catholic school and I was a top student. Then we moved. I went to a public school where they didn't hit you and my grades fell. I still managed to do well in creative writing and humanities.

marga, what's your favorite place to vacation?

There are lots of places I still want to see but Hawaii is my favorite so far.

have you ever had a dog? if so, what kind and for how long?

I had a wonderful dog for 15 years and I loved her very much and miss her every day. I'll probably have her pictures up on my new website in April.

what was the most memorable show you've ever performed?

So many great nights to choose from. Most of my work has been solo but I really enjoyed working with Carmelita Tropicana in a crazy show we created 10 years ago called "Single Wet Female" in the East Village, my favorite neighborhood on the planet. It was a hit show, every night sold out. I played a straight blonde chick and rocked a french manicure for 3 weeks.

what's your favorite color and why?

Blue just before the sky turns black. I used to look out the window a lot when I was a kid grounded at home.

marga, how do you travel the country and still maintain your relationship? how do you keep the romance alive?

My girlfriend is busy busy too. And I don't travel too much. I found a really good girlfriend. I don't know how she puts up with me. I can be really annoying sometimes.

what's the best restaurant in san francisco?

Dottie's True Blue cafe in the Tenderloin but it's only breakfast and lunch.

and then what?

Then you started fuggin with me.

what is your favorite book or author?

Edgar Allen Poe.

Do you pay for your lady when you go out or do you still rock the two-for-one coupons?

I'm a modern lesbian. Sometimes I pay. If there's a discount to be had I'm not ashamed to use it. I'll stuff the coupon down the maitre ds shirt.

what was your favorite outfit you wore for a show?

My favorite outfit is the blue vintage adidas jacket, red vintage adidas t shirt, jeans and sneakers. But I can't wear that at the fancy gigs.

how did you decide to get a xooter?

Well - Robin ; ) I was living in Brooklyn ten years ago and I saw some guy xooting down the street. I asked him where he got it and bought one.

what did you do on your very first date ever in life?

We watched TV and made out.

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